The Story So Far  - 680 South

Being As An Ocean. 21.9.13 Essigfabrik, Koln.

The Ghost Inside by Alexandra Messick on Flickr.

Touche Amore35mm  

The Word Alive by SinestraStudios on Flickr.


i’d rather eat a salad than go to school 

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I think I feel too much
- Six Word Story - c.b (deadly—sins)

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Nothing can wear you out like caring about people.
- S.E. Hinton, That Was Then, This Is Now (via whitebeyonce)

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I don’t want sex, I want the things that lead up to it. The slow kissing then the passionate kissing, then the pulling closer, the neck kisses, the grabbing, biting, heavy breathing, grinding, the pauses while you catch your breath, feeling each other. Oh my.

Then sex.

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